Cookies in Siena, Italy

We walked by this bakery in Siena, Italy several times during our visit.  It’s quite a departure from the bakery of my local grocery store.  The woman in the photo looks like my grandma! On the last day of our stay I had to walk in, admire the pastries and make a purchase.  Looking at the photo it’s a wonder how I didn’t buy one of each. The photo below represents most everything I need in life:  chocolate cookies and my camera.  😉   Photo tips:   Tip 1.  With over 200,000 photos it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track … Continue reading Cookies in Siena, Italy

Day in the Life of a Street Vendor

We were sitting on the upper deck of a tour bus in Florence, Italy when I took this photo. I was watching “closing time” for a street vendor.  The vendor was carefully wrapping up her jewelry then placing the items in her car when a wave of customers came by.  She greeted them as they briefly looked at her products.  They walked on without buying anything.  She continued to pack her items into the trunk of her car. Then a mother and son walked by.  Again, the vendor greeted them.  The mother looked at the items and seemed interested enough. … Continue reading Day in the Life of a Street Vendor