About Me

This blog, Big Bertha’s Adventures Blog represents a variety of my interests:

  • creative writing, photography, HO-scale miniatures, motivational writing
  • special interests including hotels, historic buildings and buildings/businesses that have gone by the wayside. The Adolphus Hotel, The Statler and The Tower Hotel Courts in Dallas are among my favorite topics.
  • marketing, while listed last is at the forefront of most everything I do!  Getting others interested and excited in the topics I present is important.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at old photos and snapshots at antique stores.  I like to think I’m adding to the dialogue with my own photos– but with context.  I think it’s important to provide context for the photos I post– even if it’s just a location, or an explanation of the feeling/emotion when I took the shot.  It gives meaning to the photo.  My gratitude to the subscribers who came in because of my nature photography – thank you for sticking with me even though I have deviated from the initial theme.

Frivolous interests include:  consuming the greatest beverage known to humanity:  The Java Chip Frappuccino.  I also like polka dot dresses, I collect chairs, vintage hats, ventriloquist’s dolls and hotel ephemera… to name a few.  I am a proud Gym Rat at my local gym and I have an unusual fascination with spiders– both house and garden varieties.  More normal activities include scrapbooking but even that takes a strange turn at times.

I also have an Esty shop, Empirical Whimsy, which serves as a creative outlet but also a way to let others enjoy a tangible piece of art that represents my unique perspective.

Last, I am a member of the Visual Art League of Lewisville (VAL), a volunteer organization that promotes the visual arts and fine crafts.  My work is on display through the VAL at the Grand Theater in Lewisville throughout the year.  Unless otherwise specified, all my artwork is available for purchase.

The time I was a “bellhop” at The Baker Hotel in Dallas. (The Baker Hotel was demolished in 1980… but one can pretend by standing opposite of where the hotel used to be at The Adolphus Hotel.)

Feel free to follow me on the blog, my Instagram or professionally on LinkedIn.

My ventriloquist’s dolls also have their own Instagram – feel free to support them as well.  Percival, Winthrop, Finnegan and Mortimer will be most grateful.

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