Denise Holguin has been exploring her love for photography for over 20 years.  She started with nature photography by examining overlooked details in the garden that she wanted to share with others.  She quickly realized she wanted the flexibility to take macro shots as well as the ability to print large scale photos.  With better camera equipment her photography evolved to include architecture, found objects, people, food as well as macro shots with miniatures.  Documenting decay and the urban sprawl of a neighborhood or setting out to prove there is beauty in the raw circle of life are among her goals. 

Denise spent a good portion of her career in the magazine industry where she discovered a love for photo shoots.  All the details of set design opened a new imaginative world where mood and perspective can be manipulated with light and angle.  To this end, she dreams up photo shoot ideas and executes them in her studio or on location.

Denise’s art is on display through the Visual Art League of Lewisville at the Grand Theater.

In addition to photography, Denise creates assemblage art pieces that often incorporate found objects.  Similar to her photography goals, she wants people to see ordinary objects that are considered rubbish with a new perspective.  Anything can be given value and interest with a little imagination and care. Denise’s art is available through Empirical Whimsy, on Etsy.

When not exploring photography or creating art pieces, Denise collects vintage hats, chairs and hotel ephemera. She enjoys researching and writing about hotel history, creative and motivational writing and marketing her next great idea.

Additional activities include running and ballroom dancing.

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