Big Bertha's Adventures

With a little interest anything can look good in a photo!

I enjoy taking photos of anything and everything.  Some objects seem mundane but taken at the right angle, with the right background and attention to detail, the mundane can become interesting.

Here’s an example: 

This photo was taken at a restaurant in Quebec.  I’m not sure why I thought of taking a photo—maybe it was the orange slice in my coke that caught my eye.  Who puts orange slices in coke?  Or maybe I was trying to reach my daily quota of photos.  In any case, I pulled out my camera and started taking photos.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The shape of the glass and the condensation are nice details that make the photo interesting.  If I had to do the shot again, I would not have cut the straw off.

Here’s the same shot from a distance.  Not as attractive.  But this photo is useful because you can appreciate the value of zooming in (or out) to produce a different effect.  One shot is everyday mundane while the other shot is interesting.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Apparently, I like doing beverage shots because I did a similar shot a year later but this time at a hotel restaurant in Florence, Italy.

We start out with similar shots as the ones from Quebec.  This time I was intrigued by the grapes and stirrer in my glass.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here’s a shot of the drink with some background.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I continued the shots, incorporating two empty glasses.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Next, I included more of the background.  I like the red candle and the building in the background.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Last we have the shot with a pigeon incorporated into the scene!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera:  Canon G11
Date:  August 2012:  Quebec photos
August 2013:  Europe photos.

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