Denise's technicolor jelly bean aspic: a culinary wonder

Denise’s technicolor jelly bean aspic: a culinary wonder

As strange as this sounds, this is the 4th aspic I’ve made in one week.  With my newfound confidence, I took the leap into adapting a recipe to make a festive new creation just in time for Easter!

Behold, Denise’s technicolor jelly bean aspic! Continue reading Denise’s technicolor jelly bean aspic: a culinary wonder

Googly Eyes

Thought I’d take a departure from the norm by posting this photo from my archives.  This was back when I played with food.  I’ve moved on to miniatures and insects.  😉   Enjoy!   Date:  December 2013 Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) Notes:  Also, please note, the comments box is back.  Don’t forget to post interest in participating in the “What motivates you?” series.     Continue reading Googly Eyes

Miniatures and Mushrooms

There’s an area at the LBJ National Grasslands that my friend and I have named “Pretty Pond.”   Aside from the pond, there are pine trees.  Pine needles carpet the ground making a soft surface to walk on.  Or in my case, lie on, to photograph this mushroom with miniatures. This is how stuffed mushrooms are prepared.  😉 Date:  July 8, 2017 Location:  LBJ National Grasslands Camera:  Rockalita Sunshine (Canon EOS 5D Mark IV) Lens:  My beloved 100 mm macro lens (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L macro IS) Continue reading Miniatures and Mushrooms