My hard drive died

March 6, 2017.  I was going to post another arboretum photo.  Instead, I discovered my hard drive died.

I was in mourning for several days.  I did my best not to think too much about it. But it was difficult.

All the photos on my hard drive could be lost.

My photos of Italy.

My photos of the cicada from last summer.

Photos of Kibbles’ final months before she passed away.

Photos I take for work.

My dance photos.

My favorite mushroom photos.

My photos from a presentation I made for my grandfather’s funeral.

All irreplaceable moments captured with my camera… now possibly lost forever.

Midweek I had some rational thoughts.  It was just the last 5-6 years’ worth of photos I lost.  Older photos are on two other hard drives.

But I’ve taken thousands of photos in the last few years.

I understand I can’t take the photos with me when I die.  I understand not having them doesn’t cancel the fact that I lived the photos.

But I want my photos.

It’s my work.  These files represent a sequence of progress with my photography skills.  I am proud of my work.  It was a lot of time, money and effort to produce those photos.

I decided if my photos could be recovered, I’d write a special post with random favorite photos from the last few years.

Today is that day.  The files on my hard drive have been recovered.

Let the celebration begin!

Siena, Italy.  August 2013

Siena, Italy.  August 2013.  I bought a masquerade mask from the store below.

Oak Point Park, August 2016.  A cicada is caught in a spider web (I had nothing to do with the unfortunate accident.  Not this time, anyway).

I returned to the scene the following week and found the dried out cicada on the ground.  I took a photo of it.  Fortunately for you, I was unable to locate where I filed the image.  Maybe next time.

July 2012.  Kibbles Anthony Lisieux Holguin.  She was a Catholic dog with a funny name.  We were doing a series of artistic photos that day.  She could really play to the camera.

March 2015.  One of the last series of Kibbles photos.  She passed away May 2015.

Photos I take for work.

A very enthusiastic Lindy Hop, August 2013.  Photo courtesy of Kristin Briley.

I spent roughly 55+ hours preparing a PowerPoint presentation to honor the memory of my grandfather.  I have never been so exhausted in my life.  All the photos gathered and organized, all the new photos I took like the ones below – I am grateful to have them all today.

August 2016, Arkansas mushroom photos.  I don’t think life gets any better than being surrounded by mushrooms to photograph.

I remember how happy I felt sitting at the spot below.  I didn’t want to leave.

We will wrap up with a new photo from today.  That yellow item I’m hugging is my new hard drive with all my photos.  Photo courtesy of my friend Sam Solomon, who indulges me with my crazy photo requests.

Notes:  Photos were not displayed in any order of importance.  There are plenty of photos I didn’t post for time/space/privacy reasons.