I recently purchased a jar of doll parts from Curiosities, an antique store in Dallas.

Jar of Doll Parts

Like mad scientists, Percival and I carefully selected the components to make Leonardine.

Ventriloquist doll with doll parts

Everything came together to make this beauty…

Leonardine from Empirical Whimsy

Move over Elf on a Shelf! Leonardine is on the scene!

Component Highlights:

  1. Metal Base: I purchased this as a set of 4 from an estate sale in Dallas.  I found them in the kitchen and quickly snatched them up.  It was exactly the kind of object I thought I could use.  The bottom indicates it was made in Italy.  I like to imagine fancy chocolate mousse was served in them.
  2. Button Belt: One of many buttons in a jar I purchased from an antique store in a quiet town in Texas.
  3. Black/off-white star fabric: Purchased for a different project I never got to see through to fruition.  I am thrilled I was able to use the fabric for something better… Leonardine!
  4. Lacy collar: a coworker mailed a package of random art supplies / odds and ends many years ago.  I never understood why she sent it to me but I was FINALLY able to put the little piece of lace to use.

When flat, her eyes close.

Leonardine from Empirical Whimsy

She is full of personality… and stuffing.  Some have affectionately called her muffin top.

Leonardine from Empirical Whimsy

While Percy has wanted a sister for quite some time, he understands Leonardine is meant to keep another household happy.  Leonardine is available for purchase from Empirical Whimsy.

Leonardine & Percival

A note about the name

I researched the estate sale owner where I purchased the metal base and learned her name was Leonardine.  Such a unique name!  I thought it was quite fitting for my new doll creation.

Be sure to visit the Etsy shop and follow Empirical Whimsy on Instagram!

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