Cookies in Siena, Italy

We walked by this bakery in Siena, Italy several times during our visit.  It’s quite a departure from the bakery of my local grocery store.  The woman in the photo looks like my grandma!

Cookies in Siena

On the last day of our stay I had to walk in, admire the pastries and make a purchase.  Looking at the photo it’s a wonder how I didn’t buy one of each.

Cookies in Siena

The photo below represents most everything I need in life:  chocolate cookies and my camera.  😉

Cookies in Siena


Photo tips:  
Tip 1.  With over 200,000 photos it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track of every detail.  One big help is taking photos of packaging, street signs, store fronts, maps– anything that will jog the memory or that is easy enough to do a Google search.  (Admittedly, I had no problem remembering the cookies I had in Siena.)
Tip 2.  Eat more cookies while on vacation.
Date:  August 2013

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