Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

Betty Bluetiful of Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing

– The fanciful story of Betty Bluetiful –

Before Betty started her sales career, she was Elizabeth Florence of Bluemington.  She lived a content life but at the age of 40, she wanted a career change.  In 1956 she responded to an advertisement offering the chance to travel, meet new people and the opportunity to spread a good clean message (ever dear to her heart).  She signed on as a door-to-door saleswoman, selling Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.  Continue reading Betty Bluetiful of Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing

Photographing Strangers

My friend Jeff Crump invited me on a photography adventure back in May 2013.  We went to a place I’ve wanted to photograph for awhile… the Greyhound Bus station. As we approached the bus station, there was a man that caught my eye.  He was perfect for my photos. Since I had Big Bertha… I thought I could easily and discreetly take his photo from a distance, hopefully without him noticing. Since I had Big Bertha… a very large camera you don’t see everyday, taking photos discreetly isn’t really an option.  The man noticed I was taking his picture. Since … Continue reading Photographing Strangers