Just recently I was rummaging through my garage and came upon a bucket of the metal junk I had apparently forgotten to discard.  With the launch of Empirical Whimsy, you can imagine my excitement.  Rediscovered objects!

The s-hook used in this piece is one of the objects removed from the streets of Dallas.  If you want a visual it’s the Walnut Hill / I-35 area of town, near liquor stores and other establishments.

I am absolutely thrilled to have turned pieces of junk into lemonade.  Continue reading Resilience

Empirical Whimsy

I picked this flower just for you!

If you have kids or remember your own childhood, you know that kids tend to yank flowers (often weeds) from the ground and proudly present them to mom.  Their good intentions and exuberance sometimes result in just a petal or maybe just the bud… or in this case, just the stem of the pretty flower!  Continue reading I picked this flower just for you!