The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

Preface: If you’re new to Big Bertha’s Adventures or this series, I am an avid collector of ephemera from the Tower Hotel Courts in Dallas, Texas.  The only reason is that I worked in the area (Harry Hines Blvd) and at the time I was trying to prove the neighborhood was attractive and safe at some point in history.  I proved it when I discovered the now demolished Tower Hotel Courts.  As a result of my blogs, I made a friend, Angelia McDonald, whose parents, John Dennis Rush, Jr. and Letha Floyace Grimes Rush stayed at the Tower Hotel Courts for their honeymoon in 1955.  And even more exciting, she has ephemera! 

Part 1 showcased newspaper clippings that described the wedding ceremony while this post has the photos that fit the descriptions from the newspapers.  (Admittedly, visualizing candelabra on your own might be asking too much!)  If you missed Part 1 of this series, click here to catch up.

You will have to use your imagination to fill in the colors.  (Per the newspaper articles, imagine avocado green with beige trim for the matron of honor’s dress and a soft pink wedding dress for the bride).

One comment before I share the photos. Whenever I go to antique stores it troubles me to see abandoned wedding photos.  Sometimes there are names and dates but other times there are no details.  Even if there were details, the faces are strangers to me – there is no relation or connection to me personally.  But everyone has a story – and it does make me sad to think these photos don’t include their story.  The memories and the photos have been separated. 

That is what makes this mulit-part blog series with Angelia McDaniel so fun.  She has the stories and the photos.  Enjoy!

Here’s the beautiful bride, Miss Letha Floyace Grimes, walking down the aisle at the Sheppard Air Force Base chapel.  Angelia described the look on her mother’s face as pensive and focused.  Note the short gloves, which are something we don’t see worn in modern day weddings.

Angelia pointed out a detail that I would have missed or assumed it was a spot on the aging photograph.  Take a look at the bride’s left arm – there’s a bruise.  As Angelia explains it, “the way the story was told – Daddy pinched her the day before the wedding – leaving a mark that has lived in infamy!”  Now we know!

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

I’m a collector of hats, so it is Floyace’s hat that grabs my attention.  In fact, after seeing the wedding photos I had to unearth my multiple bins of hats to locate one that appears similar.  Photograph below.

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

Here’s a photo of the wedding party at the altar with the priest.  We get a better view of the hat and now I’m also admiring the matron of honor’s hat.  😊

Angelia describes the look on her father’s face as nervous.

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

Here’s another view of the wedding party at the altar.  We see the velvet drapes and the flower arrangements as described in the newspaper clippings with the wedding announcement.

There’s another detail I would have missed had it not been for Angelia.  Note the matron of honor is wearing hosiery with the back seam.  Again, not something you see today – most hosiery no longer has the back seam.  Plus wearing hosiery has gone by the wayside particularly with so many people working from home due to COVID.  And aside from that, dress codes had already become lax long before COVID.

(I did a Google and Amazon search and you can still purchase the style.  I may add it to my shopping list.)  

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

This photo was taken at the conclusion of the ceremony.  You can see the more relaxed expression on the groom’s face and the bride is beaming.  The look in her eyes, the slight tilt of her head and her smile all indicate this is her moment of happiness.

We also get a better view of the matron of honor’s dress with the beige trim and decorative elements.

One thing that is true then and now – there’s always the chance of a photo with someone’s eyes closed!

The Tower Hotel Courts in 1955, Part 2

Stay tuned for additional blogs that showcase more ephemera, photos and stories.

About the hat/suitcase photo:

The hat and old suitcase were purchased from antique stores.  The suitcase made its debut when I stayed at The Adolphus Hotel.  I have a dozen Adolphus Hotel blogs if you’re curious.

Spring blooms are running late in Texas this year, so I was able to use some fresh hyacinths from my garden.  They add the hint of pink that was used to describe the bride’s dress.

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