Annual Tradition: Tea at The French Room for Easter

Annual Tradition: Tea at The French Room for Easter

Last year’s tea at The French Room remains a wonderful memory.  It is also where I had my first and only “ham mousseline.”  I am convinced that anything The French Room makes I will not only happily try but I will like.

I suggested to Tore that we return this year to make it an Easter tradition.  While there wasn’t any mousseline or aspic on the menu, I did eat ingredients I usually avoid.

It is certainly not required, but we like getting dressed in our finest to visit the Adolphus and The French Room. You’ll see why later in the blog.

Let the feast begin!

Cucumber cress with herbed cream cheese. Crab and artichoke stuffed sweet pepper.

Creamy asparagus and chicken salad tart. Honey-roasted beet, spring pea, and feta crostini. (Only The French Room can make beets eatable!)

Hass avocado egg salad on brioche.

Behold the next tower of food…

Gruyere and chive scone. Lavender-vanilla scone.

Blueberry lemon chess tart. Valrhona “dulcey” truffle tart with mango and passionfruit. Blackberry-lime pate de fruit. (What a gumdrop aspires to be.) Mini chocolate caramel bundt.

We finished our meal and had our photo taken with Connie, who always makes our French Room experience memorable.

Per tradition, photos at the grand staircase.

We took a stroll outside. I asked Tore to get a photo – he exceeded my expectations. Just add the song, “Downtown” by Petula Clark and you’ve got the complete experience.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we also walked to The Statler… where our car awaits. At long last, I have the perfect dress to match their car. Haha!

In conclusion: Create memories!

Have tea at The French Room. Have an open mind as you try ingredients that you normally avoid. Take a stroll through downtown in your finery and be ready as complete strangers smile.

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