Unicorn Dreams Do Come True

The real title for this blog is:  Do Your Best Every Time.


At the end of the photo shoot, I asked if I could have my photo taken with our model.  I’m not sure if you can sense it from the photo, but I was oozing with enthusiasm.


The model is wearing a t-shirt I spray painted and embroidered.  She modeled the t-shirt as if it meant as much to her as it did to me.  I am grateful and loyal to her for that.  (The ‘real’ photo is featured in the current issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery, Volume 102 Jan/Feb 2017.)

The unicorn design was created by my team of graphic designers and digitizers – who very tirelessly bring my crazy ideas to fruition.  Months ago I decided A Few of My Favorite Things design collection must include a unicorn.  And so I have a unicorn!  I love my team for that.

When the embroidery design was ready for testing, I stitched it a couple times – most likely late at night because that’s when I enjoy creative tasks.

The spray painted t-shirt happened in my backyard (or perhaps for that brief moment when I was feeling rebellious – and spray painted in my dining room.)  Either way, it was something I did late night at home.  I didn’t like the blue colored shirt I bought and hoped the spray painted colors would make me change my mind.  It certainly wouldn’t make the t-shirt any worse.  When I stripped away the Painter’s Tape, stencil and wax paper, I uncovered a wonderful spray painted t-shirt.  It was the ideal backdrop for my unicorn.

So that smile, that look of spontaneous combustion you see in the photo, was hard earned and genuine.

Everyone involved in the process brought their best effort to the table.  Not average.  Not good enough.  Not mediocre.  They all did their best.

That makes me smile.


Photo Credit:  Paradigm Studios
Notes:  Visit Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog to read my post on the spray painting process and some general steps for embroidering the t-shirt.
If you are a subscriber to my blog for my critically acclaimed mushroom photography (ha) and my other nature photos, have no fear.  I’ll return to regular programming.  If you wandered here because of machine embroidery, stay tuned.  There will be more peppered throughout the year.