Portfolio: New Product Development

Over the years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce new products.  What does this include?  It includes any of the following: (not listed in order, I won’t give away my trade secrets! 😉

  • Writing/editing copy for packaging
  • Photography for packaging
  • Formatting embroidery designs into all the needed machine formats
  • Gathering all files for master CDs
  • Editing books, project instructions, color sequence charts
  • Double checking copyrights, trademarks, manuals
  • Testing embroidery design collections
  • Project management
  • Stitching embroidery samples for packaging
  • Creating original embroidery design collections:
    • Providing initial sketches to graphic artists.  Artwork is then converted to embroidery designs
  • Brainstorming on new product names, brand names, etc.
  • Suggesting and helping to implement new features for embroidery software  (My Emoji Stitches)
  • Testing, testing, testing, testing and more testing.

In one fashion or another, I played a role in the products shown.  You are welcome to ask questions.  I see them as if they are my children.  And just like children, some were a bit more “challenging” to manage than others!  (And unlike a parent, yes, I absolutely have a favorite!)

Blue Hair Girl products

Fabulous Flamingos Stack 2 Go Thread Bundle

Clip Art Packs

Inspirations Software


Fun Trivia

Clip Art Packs:  I’m physically on two out of the 3 Clip Art packages shown above.  Do you know which ones?  And in one of the photos, I was the model and the photographer.  Thank goodness for a tripod and camera timer.

My Emoji Stitches:  If you study the images, you’ll see my friends and I were converted to embroidery and placed on the packaging.  Bonus points if you can name each person.  🙂

Stitched Snapshots Plus:

I went to the grocery store and purchased the most attractive looking pineapple to photograph.  Once complete, I left the pineapple in my office for about a week for it to ripen.  My coworker, Sam Solomon, was tasked with cutting the pineapple for the office to enjoy.