Beautiful broken branch

Earlier this year I spotted the world’s most beautiful broken branch on a secluded dirt road.  It just so happened my friend’s vehicle was the ideal size to take the branch home.

Why do I need a branch? No idea. But it was beautiful.
I spray painted the branch with gold paint. Then the branch lived in my garage for months.
I’d see it every day as I’d come home or leave the house. I’d wonder why I have a giant branch in my garage.
Then one day at work we realized we needed a new photo taken of Christmas ornaments.
I immediately thought of my giant branch. I agreed to photograph the ornaments.
I went home that night and set up my little studio with the branch and ornaments.  But nothing was turning out.
My studio seemed to be shrinking in size as I brought a step ladder and various backgrounds in the room.  The heat from the lights, the stress of the moment and the very late hour made me sweat profusely.
But I have to keep going. I took some shots that could be considered acceptable in an alternate universe, perhaps. And some were just plain cringe worthy.
My branch and ornaments fell a few times.
Dear God, why is this moment happening? Why am I doing this task?
Then I had an idea— and it was the only one I had left:    I’ll crumple the gold paper in the background. It will create the texture I desperately crave.
The shots looked better.  With renewed hope I continued until I had enough good options.
I thanked God that I wasn’t a hack after all. Then I turned off the lights and went to bed.
It was after 3 am.
It was worth it.
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