Portfolio: Marketing experience

This page is dedicated to some of my favorite marketing projects.  What gives me the most joy is seeing the results of teamwork.

Marketing Campaign:  The Embroiderer’s Compass

The task:  Introduce The Embroiderer’s Compass to a new market that was unfamiliar with the existing product.
The very rough illustration shows the overall concept.  I saw The Embroiderer’s Compass as a navigational tool that can help embroiderers conquer stabilizer/needle challenges.  Before having this tool, the character featured in the drawing discarded piles of embroidery mishaps (the blobs featured on the mountain).

My team took my rough sketch and turned it into this beautiful artwork shown below.  I’m not embarrassed to admit this, I’ve been known to stare at the images while running at the gym.  The “before” and “after” images represent teamwork.

Marketing Campaign:  Subscription Offer
The task:  Create a new subscription offer with a bonus project.
My team and I created the camper embroidery design / project.  I felt it was necessary to take the project on location – to an authentic camp site:  The LBJ National Grasslands.  Could I have photographed the scene from my backyard or nearby park?  Probably.  But I love the shot – and I was going to the location anyway.

Marketing Campaign:  Perfect Placement Kit
The task:  Freshen the graphics for an email blast.  This was a great out-of-the-box idea combined with serendipity.  We had photos available from a recent magazine shoot featuring one of my t-shirt projects.  The t-shirt has center chest embroidery which is best achieved with the Perfect Placement Kit.  With my team’s help we were able to update the blast in a very eye-catching manner.  The embroidery design featured is from one of our advertisers, Embroidery Library.