Marshmallow Peeps

The Golden Peep Franchise

Harry Harrison, a well known business tycoon in the city of Happyville is starting a new restaurant franchise.  He believes there’s an untapped market.  “Golden Peep” will offer a variety of menu options including the Golden Peep Chicken Sandwich (available fried or grilled), the Golden Peep Chicken Salad and for those seeking something more upscale, Golden Peep’s Kobe Beef and Lobster Tails.  As delicious as those all sound, Harry believes the real crowd-pleaser will be the dessert:  The Golden Peep Flambé.  It will be set aflame on top of the restaurant and customers will be invited to partake in the sugary goodness.

Marshmallow Peep

Business analysts predict the franchise will go up in flames.  But that won’t stop Harry from trying.  His last business venture, Harry’s Hardware & Paninis has been very profitable and is going to expand next fall.  It seems Harry has a knack for combining the unexpected and making it successful.  But this newest venture might be a little over the top.  Only time will tell.  🙂

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