Pilot Point Coffee House - Art Exhibit

Red Dots at Pilot Point Coffee House! Part 2 of 2

My art is on display at the Pilot Point Coffee House! Part 1 of 2

If you missed Part 1 of this series click here.

The opening art reception was on Friday, April 14th at the Pilot Point Coffee House (PPCH). 

Here are a few highlights from the event.

Quite a crowd came to mingle, enjoy wine, admire art and support the artists!

Pilot Point Coffee House

Justine Wollaston and I posing in front of her art.

Pilot Point Coffee House

Below is a view of Justine’s art. It’s a fresh approach to still life based on objects in her own home.

Pilot Point Coffee House

Justine and I posing in front of my art. It’s fun to see my art against the rich texture of a brick wall.

Pilot Point Coffee House

Collages by Joe Conner.

Pilot Point Coffee House

Collage by Joe Conner (left). Oil painting by Lin Hampton (right).

Pilot Point Coffee House

And then… it happened!  I sold an art piece! 

Justine handed me a piece of chalk to mark the “red dot”, the symbol in the art world that a piece has been sold.  She suggested Tore take some action photos of the momentous occasion. 

Pilot Point Coffee House

My piece, “Discover” has been sold to a very kind woman, named Cindy Kennedy.  She’s the pastor at Pilot Point First United Methodist Church.  She mentioned she noticed the piece during set-up day.  I was touched by this because there are so many beautiful art pieces on display, yet mine was able to catch her eye.  We talked further about her art collection, including an interesting piece she owned that had a creepy doll head.  (That is so my style!).  It is clear my art piece found the perfect home. 

Thank you, Cindy Kennedy!  I am grateful and inspired to make more art. 

Pilot Point Coffee House
After hugging Cindy, I excitedly asked for a photo to celebrate the moment.

Other artists also sold pieces during the art reception. The distinguishing factor about this event is Justine Wollaston.  She loves art, people and is a very good listener.  She made everyone who attended the event feel welcome and was promoting everyone’s art through casual conversation throughout the event.  I even heard her explaining my “rondells” to a guest during the reception.  Tore’s invented word is catching on! 

Thank you, Justine Wollaston, you are a treasure to those who know you. 

Stop by the Pilot Point Coffee House now through May 28th to view the art on display and even to make a purchase!  Purchasing local art supports the community and certainly motivates the artists to continue creating. 

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