Marshmallow Peeps in the wild.

My Marshmallow Peeps series is coming to an end.  My only regret is not starting the series sooner.  But at least I can make this final Peeps post memorable.

Janice and Jacob decided to have a destination wedding at Peeps Lake at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. 

Miniature wedding photography

After the wedding, I spotted a Marshmallow Peep in its natural habitat.  I was lucky to get a photo before it flew away.  

Marshmallow Peep in tree

These Marshmallow Peeps have no egrets about their adventures today.  

Marshmallow Peeps + Miniature Wedding

And they certainly had some fulfilling adventures…

Marshmallow Peeps + Miniature Wedding

The three little Peeps soaked in the moment (and became quite waterlogged).

Marshmallow Peeps + Miniature Wedding

It was the perfect way to end the day.

Date:  April 11, 2020
Location:  Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.  (We chose this place because it’s a drive-through park if you have the right vehicle).  

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