Channeling creativity during COVID-19

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or something in between, the sheltering in place directive can get a little tedious.  I have found channeling creativity to be a satisfying use of time.

I call this piece, Spiderella.   It features an assortment of supplies I had around the house some of which one would ordinarily view as rubbish.  But these unusual times can be opportunities to think outside the box and experiment.   For example, the brown “pole” is the the cardboard tube from a wire hanger.  

Spiderella Art Piece

Featured materials:

  • I used Finnabair paste to add texture and color to the brown pole.  
  • 3D flowers made with the Cricut Maker.  I added Finnabair paint to the flowers for interest. 
  • Brown packing material for the grass.  
  • The spider web was made using water soluble stabilizer, which is a clear film often used for machine embroidery.  I haphazardly sewed on the film as if it was fabric.  Once complete, I washed the stabilizer away and I was left with a web of thread.  
  • I used wire to make a primitive looking spider and added paint.  
  • The base is a piece of Styrofoam.  



If you find the walls are closing in or you just can’t watch any more television, grab whatever materials you have and make something unique.

You might ask, why a spider?  I’m quite fond of them!     


This will be an ongoing series….  




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