Barbie doll art project

A Shell of Her Former Self

I recently took a Barbie doll apart for an art project.  (I needed her head).

Barbie doll art project

My friend Kathryn prompted me to use the leftover parts for another project.  So here it is… “A Shell of Her Former Self”.

Barbie doll art project

I used random odds and ends that I had around the house, which was part of the fun.

She is definitely a piece of work.

Barbie doll art project

While she’s hardly recognizable, her modeling skills remain.  She really knows how to play to the camera.

Barbie doll art project

There are random tidbits that people have given me.  The shell is from my friend Colleen, the metal nuts (they spin!) are from Tore, there are assorted accessories from my mom… the bones… I don’t remember where they came from.  I’m sure I picked them up while hiking somewhere.

Barbie doll art project

As for the original head… here’s the project.  (the body is the remains of a shell.)  The arms are from a different doll.

Barbie doll art project

The projects are definitely something unique but so is much of the contemporary art I’ve seen at museums.  With COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, I decided to seize the moment and try to make my own creations.

P.S.  If you have any excess Barbie dolls, send them my way.  They will be in good hands.  🙂

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