Project Gnome

Adventures of a Retired Torso Mannequin: Project Gnome

I don’t know how it’s possible that I have not blogged about Stella Jessica Dillard, my torso mannequin.  Here’s the first of a new series.

I purchased the torso in 2013 when Dillard’s at Collin Creek Mall was closing.  Absolutely everything was for sale – shelves, display cases, plastic legs, torsos.

Initially I was hesitant to purchase the torso.  So I took the logical approach to make the decision:  Facebook.  I asked my friends what I should do.  And true to form, my friends did not disappoint.  My friend Jessica was the first to encourage me to make the purchase.

The torso has traveled to unusual places.  One of the first trips was to Project Gnome in New Mexico.  Here are the highlights from this unusual adventure.Project Gnome

Project Gnome

Of course the lights weren’t just for show.  We powered them up for a dramatic effect.

Project Gnome

Tore and I go through great lengths to get the perfect shot.  The Christmas lights were plugged in to the SUV.

Project Gnome

We weren’t entirely alone during our photo shoot.  The cows eventually came home.

Stella Jessica Dillard

Look for additional adventures…

Date:  December 2015

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