Doc Martens

Doc Martens

When I was in high school I saved my money and bought a pair of brown Doc Martens. They were the most expensive thing I had ever purchased at that age. I decided given the price, I’d be buried in them.

I loved the shoes so much I soon bought a second pair, black.

25+ years have passed. My beloved brown Docs are aged but still wear well. They were upgraded with fancy laces (only recently). They have gone on countless adventures.

I wore them to my first concert.  I fell in a pond while wearing the shoes.  They were the shoes I was wearing when I walked out of a God-forsaken building for the last time.  They were the shoes that got dusted with clay in a factory.  They were the shoes I wore throughout my time volunteering in Michigan.

I love my Doc Martens. They represent my history.

January 2020 rolled around and I did something unexpected.  I visited Journeys in Frisco and purchased a black pair of Mary Janes.  And because I buy in pairs, I purchased cherry red Docs as well.


Doc Martens:  They are more than a shoe. They are a witness through my journey in life!

Doc MartensDoc MartensDoc Martens

I always carry a wedding party and a funeral procession in my camera bag.  Clearly this was not an occasion for a funeral but it was the perfect venue for a wedding.

Doc Martens

I found an Irish blessing and adapted it to my shoes…

Doc Martens


Date:  January 18, 2020
Camera:  Canon 5D Mark IV, iPhone
Notes:  For those that follow Plano / Collin Creek Mall history, my first Doc Martens were purchased at Journeys at the now demolished Collin Creek Mall.

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