The Adolphus Hotel Part III – Branding

Branding and marketing are among interests at work and in my personal life.  This post will showcase details that warm the cockles of my heart.

You’ll see a mix of old and new.


When we checked in to The Adolphus we were offered bottled water.  I remember a much lower-end hotel I checked in to during Christmas attempted this same technique but the label was a little homemade and I didn’t drink the water.  I most certainly drank my Adolphus water.

I snapped the quick photo below while waiting at the elevator.

The photo below was taken on the second floor, overlooking the chandelier.

Below is a photo of the barbershop inside the hotel.  This was not the original barbershop but they did an excellent job of making you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.


Now for the best part…

As a managing editor for a machine embroidery magazine, I’m wired to notice details like the door hanger.  Someone cared enough to have door hangers embroidered with the hotel logo and messaging.  I love that.  It beats the cheap plastic door hangers you typically see and it got me to talk about it and mention it to my coworkers who also enjoyed the detail.  The embroidery is impeccable.

A machine embroidered makeup towel awaited me in the bathroom.  Great idea.

After our dinner at The French Room, we took a quick stroll outside.  We found ourselves behind The Adolphus and since we were dressed up I thought it was the right opportunity to take a photo near a very intriguing blue-tiled building.  We have walked by this location a couple times and every time, the blue tile draws me to it.  Every time I tell Tore, I want to eat there.

During my research I was amused to discover a fun detail.  This blue-tiled building, known as the Commissary, has something in common with The Adolphus.

A company called, SWOON, was responsible for much of the branding!  I didn’t realize this until I returned home and visited the SWOON website. You’ll see the door hangars on the website.  You’ll see familiar photos of The City Hall restaurant where I had breakfast.  You’ll see The French Room.  Otto’s Coffee Shop.  Even the Barbershop.  And of course, you’ll see the blue-tiled Commissary.


For those keeping track, it has been almost a month since my stay at The Adolphus.  But I continue to visit in my mind….

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