Big Bertha's Adventures

Kayaks and miniatures make big adventures

Somehow a couple friends persuaded me to take kayak lessons.  I blocked it out of my mind until the day of the lesson… and even managed to block it out right up until we walked to the shore.   For obvious reasons, I left my cameras in the car—but I did have my iPhone.  Here are highlights from the experience….


This is the second mayfly photo I’ve taken in a month.  I predict a trend is happening. Not bad for an iPhone photo.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The selection of kayaks for our lesson.  We learned some valuable information in this class on how to select the right model – if, (or rather, when) we buy one of our own.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The instructor put me in the Cadillac of kayaks.  (the red one in the front.)   So much for buying an entry level kayak from Costco.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Here’s a view of Lake Grapevine at Meadowmere Park.  It was around 10 am – the weather was very pleasant for June in Texas.  (Not excruciatingly hot)   The water was 65 degrees Fahrenheit and it was somewhat overcast.  The perfect day.

Big Bertha's Adventures

The photo below is from the end of the lesson – I was one of the last to mosey back to shore.  Surprise, surprise.  I started out dry when we started this adventure.  Our class was doing so well they had time to teach us rescue techniques.  Several of us volunteered to tip over into the lake and then get rescued.  (This is called a wet rescue).  I successfully fell in, bobbed up with my life jacket, tipped the kayak back over and climbed back in to safety.  A young teenage girl was my rescuer and she did a great job.  One of the last steps to the rescue mission is to have the rescuer ask if the ‘victim’ is ok.  My reply:  “I’m awesome.”

Big Bertha's Adventures

Once back to shore I grabbed Big Bertha, my miniatures and had some more fun…

These are my bistro people enjoying the afternoon… on a kayak paddle.  The instructors saw me taking these shots and they were very amused.  In fact, they pointed additional spots to place the miniatures.  Those are my kind of people!

Big Bertha's Adventures

Another view from the kayak.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I positioned the bistro miniatures on the sand.  During that time, a fly happened to land on the man reading the paper.  The man doesn’t seem to notice.

Big Bertha's Adventures


I look forward to my next kayaking adventure!

iPhone, Android
Canon 5D Mark II (100 mm Macro)
Date:  June 2014
–  It doesn’t matter what camera you have – don’t miss an opportunity to take photos and have fun.
–  The key to a good lesson is having the right instructors.  Our kayak instructors were fantastic – very encouraging, positive and informed.

If you’re in the DFW Metroplex area and want to try a new adventure, here’s the link for kayak lessons.

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