Rubbish as Art: Cardboard Box

I was filling the car up with gas after work and noticed a box by the gas pump. It’s not the typical trash you see – usually there are soda cans or food wrappers but not a box of tomatoes.  I liked the contrast of colors against the pavement and thought I might as well take a photo (or two.. or three) while I wait for the tank to fill up. This also begins a new category I call, “Rubbish as Art.”   Here are the results of the Rubbish as Art series: Tips: A couple years ago I was … Continue reading Rubbish as Art: Cardboard Box

Big Bertha's Adventures

You want me to photograph that? – A Bullet!

This is part of the ongoing series I call, “You want me to photograph that?”  If you missed the first one, click here. ——————————— Sam:  “You’ll either like this item or you’ll hate it.” I was intrigued with the object he … Continue reading You want me to photograph that? – A Bullet!

You want me to photograph that? – Sewing Needles!

Today Sam and I came up with a new challenge.  I’m calling this ongoing series, “You want me to photograph that?” The goal of this series is to prove me wrong.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  Oftentimes I have my doubts that I can photograph a particular item—like small shiny objects.  This series will challenge me to prove I can. Sam:  “Photograph a sewing needle.” Denise:  “I’ve done that before.” Sam:  “Then you can photograph small shiny objects!” Denise:  “Maybe…  but I did lose all those photos when my computer died.  So I’ll photograph some sewing needles tonight to … Continue reading You want me to photograph that? – Sewing Needles!

Mushrooms as Art

Five years ago I decided to have a botanical birthday, so I got in my car and drove 100 miles southeast of where I live to visit the Athens Botanical Gardens in Athens, TX.  That’s where I found reddish colored mushrooms—which I had never seen before and haven’t seen anywhere else.  It reminds me of the mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers. ————————————————————————————————————— This photo is part of an ongoing series of mushroom photos in my collection.  (I like to take photos of objects that most people overlook.) Notes about photo:  This photo was taken with a Sony DSC-H2– a great … Continue reading Mushrooms as Art