17 Year Work Anniversary

Today is my 17 year work anniversary. I celebrated by writing thank you cards to customers ordering my newest design collection, Coffee & Tea by Blue Hair Girl.     Among the Dale Carnegie principles I have employed over the years:  “Count your blessings – not your troubles”, “do your very best” and “show sincere and honest appreciation”.   Continue reading 17 Year Work Anniversary

Last days at the office. Part 1

What is it like to sift through 17 years’ worth of office work? I see success. Failures. Growth. I see naïveté. Optimism.  Battles fought. I see the transition of a fresh-out-of-college graduate in an entry level position doing tasks she disliked to someone who made it to a position that was more suitable. I see routine.  Product life cycles.  Remnants of discontinued products. Countless stacks of articles that have been edited, re-edited and published. Old correspondence. Ghosts of employees past who I have banished from memory.  Names long erased and barely familiar. I see emails outlining new ideas, new packages, … Continue reading Last days at the office. Part 1

My Day Job on the Weekends

Back in March I embroidered and photographed a t-shirt for work.  While we use a professional photography studio – I thought it would be fun to photograph the t-shirt in a natural setting.  (And I’m an overachieving lunatic). Here are … Continue reading My Day Job on the Weekends

I had an interview

Recently I was interviewed by Joanne Banko, a colleague in the sewing and embroidery industry.  At first I was intimidated – there are plenty of other people that are more talented and skilled.  What information could I possibly share with her readers? It turns out, I found a few things to say and had a blast doing it.  Joanne and I share similar goals.  We aim to do our best in everything we do.  I suspect that’s why we have worked together so well for many years. Please visit Joanne Banko’s blog to read the interview.  It is quite a privilege … Continue reading I had an interview