An interview with artists. Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of “An Interview with Artists!”

Thank you to all the artists and readers – each of you have a role in the success of this series.

I’ve asked the artists to discuss the benefits of making art. You will be inspired by what they have to say! Continue reading An interview with artists. Part 2

An interview with artists. Part 1

I’ve asked a very diverse group of artist friends questions about being an artist. I will share their responses over a series of blog posts. The goal is to make connections, inspire and promote art. Whether you are an artist or you have yet to discover your inner artist, my hope is that you will be able to relate to the artists featured. Continue reading An interview with artists. Part 1

It all started with “I have an idea….”

On a recent Saturday night, I was in my dining room (it doubles as my art studio) using a power drill on what looks like a million found objects from my lawn.  I would pause periodically and look down at the powdery, sawdust mess I was creating on my floor, table and clothing. 

What am I doing?  Why am I doing this?  Have I lost my mind?

I didn’t bother answering the questions.  Instead, I continued my art project with ardent determination.  But I did decide it would be interesting to interview my artist friends. 

That is how this new series was born! Continue reading It all started with “I have an idea….”

17 Year Work Anniversary

Today is my 17 year work anniversary. I celebrated by writing thank you cards to customers ordering my newest design collection, Coffee & Tea by Blue Hair Girl.     Among the Dale Carnegie principles I have employed over the years:  “Count your blessings – not your troubles”, “do your very best” and “show sincere and honest appreciation”.   Continue reading 17 Year Work Anniversary

Last days at the office. Part 1

What is it like to sift through 17 years’ worth of office work? I see success. Failures. Growth. I see naïveté. Optimism.  Battles fought. I see the transition of a fresh-out-of-college graduate in an entry level position doing tasks she disliked to someone who made it to a position that was more suitable. I see routine.  Product life cycles.  Remnants of discontinued products. Countless stacks of articles that have been edited, re-edited and published. Old correspondence. Ghosts of employees past who I have banished from memory.  Names long erased and barely familiar. I see emails outlining new ideas, new packages, … Continue reading Last days at the office. Part 1

My Day Job on the Weekends

Back in March I embroidered and photographed a t-shirt for work.  While we use a professional photography studio – I thought it would be fun to photograph the t-shirt in a natural setting.  (And I’m an overachieving lunatic). Here are … Continue reading My Day Job on the Weekends