North Texas Aspic Association

North Texas Aspic Association

I’ve been busy making aspic… and founding a faux North Texas Aspic Association (NTAA).

I thought it was important to specify North Texas, I imagine there are quite a few aspic associations already well-established in the state. 😉

The NTAA has designed a couple promotional “posters” that it feels will help reach new members and encourage gel-cookery on a national level.

Both posters have a Quick Tomato Aspic for added convenience. (Click on the images to see a larger view).

It should be noted the aspics featured in the posters are my creations. I used the Quick Tomato Aspic recipe from the recipe book featured below. I snatched up this undervalued gem for $1.00 at an antique store in Paris, Texas, during the Great Mistake – Aspic Event.

Back of cookbook

On a serious note, they were quite easy to make and didn’t smell up the house. Instead of buying tomato juice I used the juice from a can of tomatoes. I chopped up a couple baby carrots to garnish my masterpieces. “Decorating” the food felt much like crafting or creating art pieces (quite fun). I can appreciate the artistry that goes in to making aspics.

Be sure to tune in for more aspic creations and oddities. If you missed my Jelly Bean aspic, a non-edible technicolor experiment, click here.

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