Shelf of Remembrance

The World As I See It: Shelf of Remembrance

Shelf of Remembrance

Title:  Shelf of Remembrance 

Behind the Scenes:
This piece had many starts and stops but eventually came together.  It is chaotic and messy just like a drunk driving accident. 

Newspaper Headlines
I researched news headlines for drunk driving accidents in my area as well as other states.  I also used quotes from actual drunk drivers, such as “best drunk driver ever.”  I emblazoned the quote with gold paint and stars to make it gaudy.  It is my intention for it to be read in a Valley Girl tone of voice. 

The red paint is intended to represent blood and the black represents the skid marks from tires.  Arrows and diagrams are peppered throughout to represent the scenes of the accidents.  There’s a car diagram from an actual accident and parts of a police report. 

Shelf with assorted items:
The shelf is meant for the grieving family and friends of the victims of drunk driving accidents. 

Doll Head Baton
The doll head on a glass jar is wearing a butterfly hat.  It’s flamboyant and perhaps off-putting.  I noticed when I held it, it felt like a baton, it was something to hold up and say, “I have the floor at this time, I have the right to speak and be heard.”  After all, who is going to interrupt someone holding a creepy doll head in their hands? 

Windshield Glass
There’s a tiny piece of broken windshield glass.  It is a small but tangible reminder of when a drunk driver wrecked in to my car. 

The art can be viewed in “The World As I See It” exhibit through the Visual Art League of Lewisville.

Exhibit Dates: October 29 – November 26, 2022

Location: Lewisville Grand Theater / Lewisville, Texas

Join the Visual Art League! They let me in so they will welcome you too! Visit their website for more information.

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