Memories of the LBJ National Grasslands

I haven’t returned to the Grasslands since the infamous Tick Incident of 2017.  I’ve managed to find plenty of reasons to stay away, including house and yard work.  I’ve been cleaning the garage… closets… rearranging furniture and trimming hedges.  Gone are the days of adventure at the Grasslands, State Parks and National Wildlife Refuges.

On a whim, I decided to dig up some photos from Labor Day weekend 2016 to remind myself why I should return to the Grasslands.  The photos mostly involve mushrooms.

These mushrooms were found at my favorite location, we call “Pretty Pond”.  It’s also an area that cows visit… and with some imagination you might be able to figure out what those mushrooms are emerging from.  Where there are cows, there mushrooms, as they say.

A legendary mushroom my friend and I still talk about today.  It was the size of my women’s size 7 shoe.

Caterpillar found on an especially long trail we walked.

The photo below I threw in for amusement.  It’s from July 10th, 2016 – my mere second visit to the LBJ National Grasslands.  Simpler, carefree times when I wasn’t thinking about ticks.  😉


Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II), Canon G16
Date:  September 3, 2016, July 10, 2016

5 thoughts on “Memories of the LBJ National Grasslands

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  1. Sounds like you fell off your bike and you just need to get back on. You can do it. It’s worth it. You are worth it. God is in control and our protector.

    1. Yes, you are right. It is taking me longer than anyone anticipated to get back on that darn bike. I just panic each time the weekend comes – not ready to face fear of ticks. I will eventually. Just keep praying!

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