I spotted a Ferris wheel on the way home from work and decided to take Big Bertha to the carnival.  This was the perfect location to experiment with different camera settings. This ride below looked boring until it started moving.  I experimented with shutter speed. This ride below was covered in lights.  I placed the camera on the tripod, selected a slow shutter speed and zoomed the lens in and out until I liked the results. More fun with a slow shutter speed and moving the camera. The Ferris Wheel! Camera:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) Date:  February … Continue reading Carnival!

Rubbish as Art: Cardboard Box

I was filling the car up with gas after work and noticed a box by the gas pump. It’s not the typical trash you see – usually there are soda cans or food wrappers but not a box of tomatoes.  I liked the contrast of colors against the pavement and thought I might as well take a photo (or two.. or three) while I wait for the tank to fill up. This also begins a new category I call, “Rubbish as Art.”   Here are the results of the Rubbish as Art series: Tips: A couple years ago I was … Continue reading Rubbish as Art: Cardboard Box

Road Construction Series: LBJ Freeway Part 1.

Who knew road construction could be exciting?    This is a multi-part series I hope you enjoy and maybe it will inspire you to look at the world around you with a new perspective.   First a note of thanks to the following individuals who had a hand in making this series possible: 1.  Tore Bellis:  My photography buddy on this expedition – he also drove and made sure I didn’t stray or trespass… 2.  Sam Solomon:  My friend who encouraged me to document the history of the LBJ Freeway. 3.  Fernando De Los Santos:  My friend who also encouraged … Continue reading Road Construction Series: LBJ Freeway Part 1.