Big Bertha's Adventures

Night shots with a twist

I’ve been experimenting with techniques I’ve not tried before – panning and night shots… with a twist.

Here’s my latest example of a panning shot.  Technically, it’s not the best- the bus isn’t crisp but you get the idea that it’s a bus racing by.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Can you guess what these shots are?

Big Bertha's Adventures

Any ideas?

Big Bertha's Adventures

Aside from being my new photography obsession, these are buildings.

Big Bertha's Adventures

There’s absolutely nothing to this technique.  Find a building that has interesting lights on it.  Slow the shutter speed and zoom in and out.  Or ROTATE the camera from side to side or in a circular motion.  There’s no right or wrong way – you’ll get different results with different movement.

The Dallas skyline is perfect for this sort of experiment.

Big Bertha's Adventures


Big Bertha's Adventures

Camera used:  Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
Additional equipment:  Tripod (helpful for night shots, though with the ‘artsy’ techniques used in this session, not absolutely required)

These techniques are so simple and obvious – but we’re often trained to keep everything steady and on a tripod – it certainly never occurred to me to zoom in and out with a slow shutter speed.  That’s why it’s a good idea to enroll in a photography class at a local university in your area.  You might pick up a few tips and techniques that will open up new reasons to take photos.  That’s how I picked up these tips.

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