Big Bertha's Adventures

Road Construction Series: LBJ Freeway Part 3. Approaching I-35

Who knew road construction could be exciting?    This is Part 3 of a multi-part series I hope you enjoy and maybe it will inspire you to look at the world around you with a new perspective.  If you missed Part 1 click here.  If you missed Part 2 click here.

First a note of thanks to the following individuals who had a hand in making this series possible:

1.  Tore Bellis:  My photography buddy on this expedition – he also drove and made sure I didn’t stray or trespass…
2.  Sam Solomon:  My friend who encouraged me to document the history of the LBJ Freeway.
3.  Fernando De Los Santos:  My friend who also encouraged me to document the history of LBJ Freeway.  He also suggested a photography buddy would be a good idea for safety.  Plus he’s given me great website links and books to learn more about photography – and I’m excited to report the material is sinking in!

Continuing westbound along LBJ Freeway led us to a hotel whose earlier life might have been a luxury hotel or at least a popular franchise.  Now, we’ll just say it’s a private name hotel that has excellent views of the LBJ and 35E construction.

Here’s a look.

Big Bertha's Adventures

A Terex brand boom lift.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Random piece of bread the ants haven’t found between the hotel and the access road.  Why take a photo of breadcrumbs?  I thought it added interest to a blog on road construction.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Time to explore road construction on Interstate 35!

Big Bertha's Adventures

One of my favorite shots. This is on the access road on I-35.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Taken from another angle.

Big Bertha's Adventures

More favorite shots.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Another view of new construction of Interstate 35.

Big Bertha's Adventures

A feat of construction and planning!  Can you imagine driving on this?  I can’t wait!

Big Bertha's Adventures


Big Bertha's Adventures

Semi-truck in transit.

Big Bertha's Adventures

I don’t know what this is—I’m guessing old pieces of Interstate 35.  I really liked the rust.  It was at this point Tore reminded me we were running out of daylight.

Big Bertha's Adventures

Stay tuned for the next blog post.  We’ll continue our journey southbound Interstate 35 

Interesting link on the road construction plus videos and more:  LBJ Express Project

Camera used: Big Bertha (Canon EOS 5D Mark II), Canon G11 (for the rusty nails)
Date:  October 2013

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