La Poodle Plays Poker

Inspired by the Masters: A must-see art exhibit at the Lewisville Grand Theater

The long-awaited “Inspired by the Masters” exhibit is now open at the Lewisville Grand Theater. Tore Bellis and I started working on our art for this exhibit last year – which feels like a lifetime ago. Please make plans to visit. This is our best work to date.

Exhibit Dates: May 7 – June 18, 2022 (Extended date!)

Art by Tore Bellis

TITLE: Burning Fashion #1

ARTIST: Tore Bellis

MEDIUM: Photography

SIZE: 26.25″ x 22.25″


Inspired by the work of Tyler Shields and Francesca Eastwood. Photographed outdoors against a black background. It took a fire extinguisher to put out this hot pocketbook. The marshmallows were toast. 

TITLE: We Can Do Art

MEDIUM: Photography, Graphic Design

SIZE: 20.25″ x 24.25″


Inspired by one of the most iconic World War II motivational posters. This took considerably more effort than I originally estimated, but I had fun. The text in the circle reads, “Art & absurdity for all.”

Art by Denise Holguin

TITLE: Freedom through Creativity

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: This is my adaptation of Norman Rockwell’s, Freedom from Want.  When planning the photo shoot, I discovered I could not only buy inflatable poultry online, I could have it delivered in two days.  With modern-day conveniences like this, there are no limits to creativity.  Pass the turkey! 

MEDIUM: Photograph

SIZE: 15” x 19”

TITLE:  Freedom from Begging

ARTIST’S STATEMENT:  I set out to recreate my own version of Norman Rockwell’s, Freedom from Want but with La Poodle and her canine family.  La Poodle has swapped out the traditional turkey for a family favorite:  a Biscuit Encrusted Veggie Aspic.  Not only did she cook the aspic, she was the model and photographer.  Bow-wow!

MEDIUM:  Photograph

SIZE: 14.5” x 17.5”

TITLE:  La Poodle Plays Poker

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: This is an adaptation of Dogs Playing Poker featuring La Poodle and her canine companions.  Last I heard, La Poodle ran off to Vegas with her winnings and then lost it all in the slots.  She’s even been spotted begging for dog biscuits.  Then again, you can never trust the rumor mill or any poker-playing-dogs who like to bluff.  La Poodle always wins. Always.

MEDIUM:  Photograph

SIZE:  14” x 12”

All art is for sale.

Visit the exhibit in-person at the Lewisville Grand Theater:

100 N. Charles St.

Lewisville, TX 75057

Special thanks to Nathan Higgins and Rex Ungericht for stepping up during Covid last year to help me achieve my Dogs Playing Poker photo shoot. You made excellent dog models and not once did you question my sanity!

Thank you to Aunt Jennifer for your enthusiastic support and the use of your green felt and poker chips.

Thank you, Libby Sharp, at Elegance Ballroom for the use of your facility for the photo shoot. Without your venue I would not have been able to execute my vision. Anyone interested in renting the space or learning salsa, cha cha or other dances should visit their website.

I’ll post a behind-the-scenes blog that highlights the chaos, mishaps and work that went in to the final photos. La Poodle has also cooked up a special feature. Stay tuned.

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