New Publication! Top Dog Magazine!

New Publication! Top Dog Magazine!

On the heels of success of Poodle Lifestyle magazine comes a hot new publication: Top Dog. While Poodle Lifestyle addresses all things “poodlesque”, Top Dog is geared toward the affluent, tech-savvy and occasional DIY projects warrior (as long as his paws don’t get too dirty).

Be sure to subscribe today! (image can be clicked on for better view)

Can’t get enough art featuring dogs and bears?

2 thoughts on “New Publication! Top Dog Magazine!

  1. Thanks for all your posts, they make me laugh, smile, and wonder! When are you going to post part 2 of the Forest Theater?

    1. Hi Barbie!
      Thank you for your kind words, I am happy to hear my posts have that effect on you!

      I’m also quite grateful you have asked about Part 2 of the Forest Theater series. I had put it on hold as I was waiting for approval on the use of some archive images. And I’m happy to report that a couple weeks ago I did receive approval. 🙂 Now I just need to dust off my notes and return to blogging on that series. But I am particularly motivated since there is interest. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Stay tuned!


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