Garbage Bug

Hiker Discovers Garbage Bug

Garbage Bug

Antonio was enjoying a peaceful hike when he came upon a curious mound of rubbish…on legs!

Careful Antonio, don’t get too close.  That garbage bug might try to haul you away!

Garbage Bug

Date:  August 2021
Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, macro lens
Notes:  For more photos of this fascinating creature who carries the carcasses of its victims on its body, visit my other blog post here.

In case you’re curious, I snapped quite a lot of photos when I first discovered this bug.  I reviewed the photos but wasn’t happy with the outcome.  I went back outside the following day, hoping I’d find the creature again.  And I did!  I brought this macabre bug inside my home studio for a unique photo shoot.  You might say, I brought the killer within.  But I was careful not to turn my back on it for very long.  😉

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