Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

Betty Bluetiful of Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

 – The fanciful story of Betty Bluetiful –

Before Betty started her sales career, she was Elizabeth Florence of Bluemington.  She lived a content life but at the age of 40, she wanted a career change.  In 1956 she responded to an advertisement offering the chance to travel, meet new people and the opportunity to spread a good clean message (ever dear to her heart).  She signed on as a door-to-door saleswoman, selling Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.

It turned out Betty was blessed with a gift for selling this blue potion that transformed even the dingiest of linens into the whitest of white!  Betty became the #1 saleswoman after working only a year with Mrs. Stewart’s.

So enamored with her fulfilling career, Betty legally changed her name to Betty Bluetiful.  She felt it was important to fully become the product.  She is also never without her weathervane hat, which she uses to guide her to her next sales visit.

While decades have passed and even the bottle has been changed to plastic (gasp!), Betty Bluetiful refuses to retire.  She is the oldest living saleswoman representing Mrs. Stewart’s.

At the time of this printing, (2020) Betty is 104 years old and has been working for Mrs. Stewart’s for 64 years… and she is still going strong!  Some crazy folklore has been circulating that allege Betty takes a swig of the Liquid Bluing from time to time.  They believe it has contributed to her longevity.  However Mrs. Stewart’s and Betty have absolutely denied the folklore and don’t want to start another Tide Pod Challenge.  No, no, no!  In a recent interview, Betty shared the secret to her successful career and longevity.  It’s really quite simple and quite palatable:  Betty approaches each day with enthusiasm, a sense of humor and a giant piece of chocolate cake.

About the Art Piece

Component Highlights:
Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing Jar:  This delightful piece was found at The Lindy Antique Mall during a day road trip.  Outside the store were metal flamingos.  As a Lindy Hopper and a fan of flamingos, I had to stop in to see what treasures were awaiting me.  Of course, I had to get a photo of Tore and Percival.

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

I purchased the jar in all its glory – the label is stained with the liquid bluing and you can see residue inside the jar.  There is also half a piece of cork stuck in the opening of the bottle.  I planned on cleaning it but it’s too charming to change.  Normally I must clean everything but given the substance was a cleaning product, I made an exception.

If you take a close look at the label, you’ll see a date of 1956.

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

If you like history, please visit the Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing website.  The page highlights interesting features that you’ll find on the bottle, including the cork and the embossed lettering.  Mrs Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.

Betty Bluetiful of Empirical Whimsy

You may also be surprised to discover Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing can still be purchased today but in a plastic bottle.  (And perhaps you use the product!)  There’s also a story behind the woman on the label. Go on and visit the site: Mrs Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.

Madame Alexander Doll Head:  The doll head is from my favorite antique store, Curiosities, in Dallas.  It was part of a large jar of doll parts.  I’ve made several art pieces from the jar and the dolls are happily living across the US.  😊

Special Feature:

Betty Bluetiful’s hat really does spin!

Betty Bluetiful is very excited for someone to hit the “buy” button so she can travel to a new home!

(Percival who helped design his perfect “girlfriend,” will be a little disappointed to see her go.  But he’ll be pleased he helped make a sale.  This is part of his Entrepreneurship 101 course in school).

Empirical Whimsy

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