Wheel of COVID

Wheel of COVID

Wheel of COVID I wanted to document some of the unexpected events that have happened during COVID-19 as well as highlight the positive behavior I’ve witnessed. By no means is my intention to diminish the hardships or the death toll.
Component Highlights:
  1. The base of the art piece is the lid of a cigar box.
  2. I was inspired by a board game I found in my attic. I decided to make my own version of a spinner, incorporating events from 2020. It was important that I include a Dale Carnegie type of message, so I included positive elements that have occurred in 2020. I also intentionally made the positive portion of the ‘pie’ larger.
  3. I love including old electronics in my art pieces. I included a capacitor at the base of the art piece and added “2020”. Here’s hoping we don’t need a 2021 version of this art piece.
Special Features: The spinner does work!
Additional Details: This is not a real game, just an art piece to decorate your wall.  Available for purchase on my Etsy page, Empirical Whimsy.

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