An Adolphus Dessert – Guest blog by Tore Bellis

As Tore was eating his dessert at The French Room, it became clear he needed to write a blog.  You are in for a treat.  – Denise

By Tore Bellis

I normally encourage Denise to order adventurously. If she does, I select a safe option so that, if things go wrong, I can swap with her. But this time she went for the raspberry chocolate souffle, so I was free to go wild.

When the ladies’ hat showed up, I knew I had chosen correctly.

It was an off-white, fancy bonnet of meringue with a jaunty feather of hard sugar sticking defiantly into the air. The trimming offered delicate color provided by quince and more. This was a dessert for royalty. This was a dessert that would not have seemed out of place perched on the head of a princess at the Royal Ascot.

As lovely as it was as a high fashion fascinator, how would it taste?

Well, this is The French Room. It was impossibly delicious.

I am not experienced with meringue, so was surprised when the bite I took vanished. It dissolved so quickly, I didn’t know what had happened. Poof! Gone, with only a whiff of sugar to remember it by.

Of course, a dessert can’t be all air. And in this case the quince provided the solid dessert body to go with the airy wrapper. Quince is as foreign to me as the meringue; somewhat reminiscent of pear, but with citrus-apple overtones.

It was a delight for the senses. Sight, smell, taste and feel all got to partake in a rousing and exciting encore to a symphonic meal.

Bravo, French Room. Bravo!


At this point, it should be clear.  You need to book reservations at The French Room for your next birthday, anniversary, work celebration or just because.  Everyone should experience such a treat at least once.

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I have one more special Adolphus Hotel post coming soon.  Thank you for following along and thank you to The Adolphus for giving us such wonderful memories to share.

– Denise

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