My Birthday Cake from The Adolphus

The Adolphus surprised me with a birthday cake.  Not a slice of cake. Not a cheap sheet cake. A cake large enough to be shared but small enough to be shared with a few. A cake with multiple layers of flavor… and sprinkles. A cake made by a pastry chef at The Adolphus.

The cake seemingly appeared out of nowhere. This really adds to the mystique of the hotel. I stepped away from my hotel room and there it was upon my return. A beautiful, perfectly square cake and a kind note to accompany it.

That evening Tore and I ate dinner at The French Room. And while I was confident I had seven stomachs to fully enjoy dinner, a chocolate soufflé and a bite or two of Tore’s dessert— I realized my limitations. I didn’t have enough room for cake.

The cake needs to be enjoyed properly.

With great care and attention, we were able to package my cake for transport home.

Tore and I did not dawdle during the drive back to reality as we did our previous visit. We had a cake to transport and with much fanfare, my well-loved cake made it home.

I was able to share more than a story about my stay at The Adolphus with my parents. My parents each had a slice of my Adolphus birthday cake as did Tore and myself.

Thank you, Coco, for making the cake and for the great memories I will associate with my birthday at The Adolphus.

Ms. Whitney Gochinas— you are a problem solver and such a genuine person. Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again.

Additional posts to come about my adventures at The Adolphus.

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