The Scent at The Adolphus

This post wraps up my series on my Birthday visit to The Adolphus.  Thank you for reading the series.


The first time I stayed at The Adolphus, a friend asked a question that stumped me.  What did the hotel smell like?

I paused and thought hard.  I thought I had engaged all my senses to observe and experience the hotel.  But I missed scent.  For my May visit I decided to focus on the scent when we arrived.

We walked inside the hotel and I immediately noticed the scent.  It was familiar and pleasant.  I recognized it from our last visit.

The word that comes to mind to describe the scent:  safe.

At first blush the word doesn’t make sense.  I’ve always felt safe.

I’d expand on the word “safe” by describing the scent of The Adolphus as “comfort”, “home”.

The scent evokes the feeling of leaving everything outside the hotel door and entering another world.

It’s that feeling you have when you’ve had an unpleasant day and all you want to do is go home.  Somehow going home makes everything right. Somehow The Adolphus has the same effect.

Before checking out of the hotel, Tore and I visited their store, Commerce Goods + Supply, in search of “the scent”.

I’m now the proud owner of an Adolphus candle. 🙂



Thank you again, for reading my series.  Be sure to check out previous Adolphus Hotel posts.  There’s a handy link to the entire category here.


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