What motivates you, Tore?

Today’s post is written by my friend Tore Bellis.  He agreed to participate but was concerned he’d give the wrong answer.  I reminded him there are no wrong answers – just different points of view.  I think you’ll enjoy this post.

Update:  I had this post ready to publish for about a week. When I got home tonight, my laptop was in a deep sleep – I dare say she was in a coma.  No pressing of buttons for 15 or 30 seconds would wake the computer.  When I mentioned it to Tore, he came over with mini screwdrivers, removed the back cover and fixed the problem.  I am grateful.  It’s hard to live without a laptop – and I didn’t want to miss publishing the blog series this week.  This series has been going strong for SIX weeks!


Tore Bellis

I am motivated by discovery. I want to find out how things work. As a boy riding Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean over and over, I was figuring out how the flames, fireflies and cannons worked. My friend was most displeased when I explained my discoveries. He said I ruined the magic of the ride. Bah! I had a deeper appreciation for the effort and care of the Imagineers.

Now I have a t-shirt that reads, “I void warranties.” When something breaks, it is an opportunity to disassemble it. Sometimes I can make repairs and get it functional again, other times I can only grab what looks useful.

Remote control
Making LED Christmas ornaments
LED Christmas ornaments were placed on a wreath for mom!
Dad’s vacuum tubes.

The first thing I remember disassembling was the carburetor to a 60’s VW Beetle. I must have been four. That project did not go back together. Since then, I take it as a challenge when something claims there are no user serviceable parts inside.

Another aspect of discovery is back roads. Why take the main route when you can discover things on a side street.

I encourage you to discover! Go get lost. Pick up a set of screwdriver bits for tamper-resistant screws. Find out how things work. You may find yourself inspired by what you find.


If you’ve missed previous “What motivates you?” posts or want to enjoy them again, click here.  If you’d like to submit an entry for the series send me an email, text or post a comment.  All are welcome to participate.



2 thoughts on “What motivates you, Tore?

  1. I loved this! We need more like you, Tore! I want to inspire my children with this curiosity and love of learning!

    1. I agree. I wonder sometimes how things might have been different if I had been more curious — and open to learning even if I messed up/broke something. That’s part of the learning process.

      You’ve done a great job with your kids, Michelle. 🙂

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