What motivates you, Pamela?

I’m at a loss for words on how to properly introduce today’s guest blogger.  She’s the mother of my friend, Alana Jenkins, whom I met a few years ago in dance class. Pamela is a very thoughtful and generous person. I’m very grateful she took the time to share her touching story. What motivates you, Pamela Jenkins? I learned to crochet when I was about six years old. My grandmother taught me how to hold the crochet yarn and hook, and to make a simple chain of loops. I remember tying one end of the chain to a bedroom doorknob, … Continue reading What motivates you, Pamela?

Old Grouch Lady Protects Others

About a month ago, I treated myself to expensive new running shoes and a fancy pair of socks marked with a left and right foot.  Before I started my workout on the treadmill I paused to take a photo of my new shoes.  I was quite happy with my new purchases and was excited to test the shoes.  Maybe the shoes will help me run faster! But then a man interrupted my happiness.  He snuck up and got on the treadmill with me. I vehemently told him to get off. He did. Then he asked when I’d start wearing sports bras … Continue reading Old Grouch Lady Protects Others

Christmas in August

Most people don’t realize this, but I ‘celebrate’ Christmas twice a year:  in August and in December.  Working for a craft/hobby magazine, the Christmas issue is planned well in advance and is photographed in the summer.  It’s always strange to have Christmas trees up in the middle of summer.  Weather during this time of year is usually 100 degrees.  Not exactly Christmas weather! While I can’t show you any sneak peeks at the projects our photographer shot, I can show you a few behind the scenes shenanigans I shot.  Enjoy.   You might think it’s odd to take a ventriloquist’s … Continue reading Christmas in August