Sunset & Snake

Is there anything more peaceful than enjoying a sunset by a favorite pond?  Actually there is.  Enjoying a sunset with a friend.  These two characters only met this afternoon but they felt like they’ve known each other a lifetime. 🙂     I included the shot below with my shoes for a sense of scale. Just in case you think the snake is fake, I’ve included a short clip to clear any doubt.   Date:  October 20, 2019 Location:  Oak Point Park in Plano, Texas Camera:  iPhone and Canon 5D Mark IV Continue reading Sunset & Snake

Let’s Eat!

It was a windy day and the weeds were swaying.  My subject had her eye(s) on me during the entire photoshoot.  I had no expectation that I’d get a good shot – so I took dozens upon dozens.  I wanted no regrets when I downloaded the photos later that day.  Maybe I’d get one shot worth showing.  And here it is! My friend moved around a bit on the weed and I followed her.  The shot below isn’t as good but somehow there’s an element of personality.   Date:  October 20, 2019 Location:  Oak Point Park in Plano, Texas. Camera:  … Continue reading Let’s Eat!

You have to be flexible

  Date:  October 2, 2019 Notes:  I’m taking an Adobe Photoshop class for fun on the weekends (the wee early bird hours that don’t agree with me!)  This exercise is helping me practice what I’ve learned.  Since I haven’t added to my new Zig Zag* category, I thought why not combine the two tasks with this post.   I’ve created a new category on my blog called Zig Zag that will encompass similar creations.  It’s the perfect outlet for the ideas I have amassed that had no way of being expressed until now.  It won’t be perfect but it will … Continue reading You have to be flexible