It all started with “I have an idea….”

On a recent Saturday night, I was in my dining room (it doubles as my art studio) using a power drill on what looks like a million found objects from my lawn.  I would pause periodically and look down at the powdery, sawdust mess I was creating on my floor, table and clothing. 

What am I doing?  Why am I doing this?  Have I lost my mind?

I didn’t bother answering the questions.  Instead, I continued my art project with ardent determination.  But I did decide it would be interesting to interview my artist friends. 

That is how this new series was born!

What I love about joining visual art clubs is discovering my tribe of people.  They get it when others don’t.  They are also game for my crazy requests that begin with the subject lines, “Idea!” I was able to cast a wide net and I was thrilled so many replied.

Whether you are an artist or yet to discover (and accept) you are an artist, I hope you find this series enlightening.  If you’d like to participate in my series, track me down and you’re in!

Barring disaster, the first interview question will be posted on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

One thought on “It all started with “I have an idea….”

  1. First of all, let me tell you a little about me. I grew up in a small town in Frisco,,Texas. My father introduced me to park since she was anMy father introduced me to drawing. He was also an artist. So with that I continue to carry this love anrt. Ever since I can remember when I was young. It has been a big part of my life, entering contests, creating a portfolio and many more other art projects. My family says it’s a God given talent since I was small and yes there has been times that I paint and I ask myself the same question why am I doing this for? It takes lot of effort, strength, mind control, and redundant creativity ideas. I say to myself this is is this what I’m supposed to be doing.. If I will ever stop painting , would anyone notice that my art vanish. But then I remember I paint for the world , trying to create unique art for everyone to enjoy . Im in love with this vivid dream to be a well-known painter since of small. I’ve come close, but I feel like I’m still far behind. I made lots of friends and connections with people that think the same way I do are mines connected by heart we create Eder margination and trigger brains creating reality. It’s amazing what art does for people from all walks of life. It brings peace harmony, and sometimes justice. It covers issues. tragedy and sorrow. Then all the sudden. I remember why I’m an artist with a purpose to create something original and breath taking.

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