"Iterations" an original art piece by Denise Holguin at the Visual Art League of Lewisville

“Iterations” an original art piece by Denise Holguin is on exhibition!

I suffered for my art and now you can view it in person! Read on for details…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I joined the Visual Art League of Lewisville.  If you missed that post, click here.

The theme for the newest exhibition is “Self Portrait”.  I had the perfect photo but could not locate it among my hundreds of thousands of photos.  Discouraged, I considered not participating.  I couldn’t think of another photo among my files nor could I think of a new concept that I could photograph by the deadline.

But then inspiration came to me after a late-night gym workout.  I sketched the idea on a storyboard to see if it would work.  But then I got confused and wasn’t sure my idea was possible.  I tried doing a proof of concept by photographing my idea and again, got confused.  After making adjustments the concept worked.

The next step was to select the right clothing and props so the result would look like an editorial fashion photo.  (Think those ridiculous high fashion magazines.  There’s a certain luxury and sometimes edginess or quirk to them.  They are so high end they can do whatever they want!  When done right, you stare at the photo because you’re drawn in to the story). That is what I wanted to create!  To compound the challenge, as I said, the theme is “Self Portrait.”  I’d be the photographer AND the model… and the set designer… and the stylist….

All things considered; I am pleased with the final outcome.

Iterations by Denise Holguin

"Iterations" an original art piece  by Denise Holguin at the Visual Art League of Lewisville

As you see, it’s a photo of a photo of a photo of a photo… How many Denises are there, anyway?  Do you see them all?

I used my tripod and 10 second timer to take the initial photos.  For the final shot I quickly discovered I couldn’t get into position on the chair in less than 10 seconds.  Fortunately, I was able to use an app on my iPhone to trigger the Canon.  Piece of cake!  Except it wasn’t.

It turns out I get super queasy sitting upside down in a chair.  I could only sit upside down for 3 shots at a time.  After multiple attempts I had a decent shot.  If I had a stronger constitution, I would have perfected the styling but I just could not stomach it a moment longer.  I had to lower the thermostat in my house to a record low temperature but it still wasn’t cold enough to bring relief.  That night I skipped the gym, skipped dinner and went to bed early.  That’s how upside down my stomach felt.  

But it was worth it!

In the spirit of an editorial fashion photo, it’s conceivable the photo is selling the dress, the Doc Martens or even the polka dot socks.  It is also worth noting there’s a story behind the leg form.  It’s from Dillard’s at the now demolished Collin Creek Mall in Plano.  I suppose the photo could be a subtle homage to the department store and the mall.  

If you want to see the art in person go to the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville, Texas.  The art is on display in the North Display Case from August 31 – Oct 30, 2021.  There are multiple exhibits going on, so there will be plenty to see.  Also, there are some great restaurants in the area, you can have a fun afternoon full of inspiration and dining.

Last:  If you want to adorn your wall with this whimsical art piece, it’s available for purchase!  You’ll be supporting a local aspiring artist and you’ll own her debut art piece that caused physical suffering!

"Iterations" an original art piece  by Denise Holguin at the Visual Art League of Lewisville

Bonus!  When handed opportunities I snatch them.  I have 3 additional art pieces on display for “Self-Portrait”.  I’ll share details about them in an upcoming blog… 


Visual Art League of Lewisville 

Lewisville Grand Theater

Thank you to the following:

  • Tore Bellis, Paulette Lyman and Dawn Wester for your continued encouragement in my endeavors.
  • Aunt Donna Holguin for the vintage hat used in the photos.  
  • Pamela Jenkins for posting a photo of her grandson, Oliver, who was sitting upside down in a chair at a restaurant.  That photo seeped in to my thoughts and at just the right time, inspired me!
  • Sam Solomon for our many years of collaborating and producing our best.  I could hear you in my head during my photo shoot.  
  • Paradigm Studios for the opportunity to learn from you and your team over the years.  I could hear you in my head as I rearranged the scene to make it just right.  
  • Dawn Evans from The Painted Duck who did such a stellar job painting my walls green earlier this year.  I didn’t realize how photogenic they’d be.  The shot would not have worked without the striking color!

9 thoughts on ““Iterations” an original art piece by Denise Holguin is on exhibition!

    1. 🙂 Thank you, Aunt Donna! It was touch and go leading up to the deadline. Fortunately inspiration came and somehow it all came together. And I’m excited your hat continues to get use!

  1. Bravo! This is an awesome portrait, oozing with creativity and originality. Such a great self portrait-it truly captures you. Great piece. And woohoo!🎉 Many congrats for getting to display more pieces! I am so incredibly happy for you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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