The Dragonfly: A cooperative subject to photograph

This photo was taken at one of my favorite locations—the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens.  There’s a pond that is quite popular where people like to get their photos taken.  Usually they create a commotion, get their pictures taken then move on.  I can remain in that area for 15 minutes to a half hour—maybe even longer.  It’s the best spot to ‘hunt’ for interesting subjects to photograph—like the dragonfly. If you’re interested in taking photos of dragonflies, be patient.  They are actually pretty cooperative.  They may fly away from a spot—but if you wait a few seconds, they will return … Continue reading The Dragonfly: A cooperative subject to photograph

Photographing Strangers

My friend Jeff Crump invited me on a photography adventure back in May 2013.  We went to a place I’ve wanted to photograph for awhile… the Greyhound Bus station. As we approached the bus station, there was a man that caught my eye.  He was perfect for my photos. Since I had Big Bertha… I thought I could easily and discreetly take his photo from a distance, hopefully without him noticing. Since I had Big Bertha… a very large camera you don’t see everyday, taking photos discreetly isn’t really an option.  The man noticed I was taking his picture. Since … Continue reading Photographing Strangers