Dior Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art

I tried visiting the Dior exhibit when it opened months ago but tickets were sold out.  With encouragement from a friend, I booked tickets for the last weekend of the exhibit.  Here are the highlights.  (highlights is an understatement.  You will experience a sensory overload, as I did on the tour.) Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite dresses.

Normally a person in my shot would be nixed.  But she provides an interesting contrast to the photo.

Another favorite dress.

A proper gladiator dress…

I was fascinated by the use of newspaper.

Someday I hope to wear a branch on my head with a bird.

A proper dress for a warrior.

That was the Dior exhibit in a nutshell!

While you may not have any interest in garment sewing hopefully this post will inspire you to pursue your own creative interests.  You don’t have to produce at this caliber – just get lost in the action of creating for your own enjoyment.



Sunday, October 27th, 2019 is the last day for the exhibit. Book yourself a ticket.  It’s worth the trip.  (Tickets are $25 for adults.  Parking is $15 or take the Dart.)  The rest of the Dallas Museum of Art is free – spend an entire day getting inspired.



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