Tornado on Harry Hines Blvd

A tornado struck the area of Harry Hines Boulevard and Walnut Hill on Sunday, October 20th.  When I watched the nightly news, I recognized the very places they showed on television.  I used to work in this area.

Here is a shot from my dash cam from last year (12/7/2018).  Click the image for the full view.  Notice on the left there is a blue building, “Floor Masters”, to the right there is a vintage looking sign “Lipsticks…”

Then the tornado happened.  Here is the same blue building.

Damaged granite.

A view of “Lipsticks”, the building across from Floor Masters.  Part of the signs are damaged.  I would imagine the roof may have been damaged.

A building next door to Lipsticks.

Moving to the right of the building above, we approach Harry Hines and Perth Street.  Perth Street is known for fabric stores (there are several additional fabric stores nearby).

Best Fabrics used to be on Harry Hines Blvd & Perth Street but moved across the street (still on Harry Hines, near the Floor Masters.)  I found their business card among the debris.

Here’s a Google Maps image for perspective.  Image is from May 2019.  Note the yellow taco stand.

After the tornado.

Additional businesses damaged on Harry Hines.

The building below is Meletio Lighting.  From their website:  “We are your local, family owned wholesale and retail lighting experts, serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1920.”

Screenshot from their website.  I noticed lots of people cleaning up the building and I could even smell the scent of disinfectants.

Below is a shot from the pedestrian bridge looking south at Harry Hines and Walnut Hill.  The area with the trees is Forest Lawn Cemetery.

I couldn’t figure out the object in the cemetery until I downloaded the photo.  Pieces of 7-Eleven from across the street.

If you continue driving south on Harry Hines past the cemetery, you’ll see a gas station.

Here’s a Google Maps image for perspective of the gas station and the cemetery (the cemetery is on the other side of the fence).  Image is from May 2019.

Continuing south on Harry Hines, next to the Shell gas station is a motel.  The image below is from Google Maps, May 2019.  I remember driving by this area every morning and observing stereotypical characters that give Harry Hines its “reputation”.

Here is an image of the motel.

Here’s a look at the 7-Eleven across from the cemetery.

Various objects.

For perspective, here’s the pedestrian bridge at Harry Hines and Walnut Hill Lane.

Large piece of metal lodged in the hand rail.

Lots and lots of damage – and this was only the Harry Hines area.  The Dallas Morning News reports there were a total of 10 tornadoes that struck Dallas.  Schools, churches, residences and various other businesses were damaged.  Reports indicate there were no fatalities – which is astonishing.  You can read the DMN for more details.


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