My Victorious Return to the LBJ National Grasslands

I sat in church this morning and asked God to fix things.  The evening of December 3rd derailed me.  I haven’t been interested in anything since that evening.

The answer to my prayers was unexpected.  I decided I would return to the LBJ National Grasslands today.  I will face my fear of ticks.  Doing that would give me control. And by doing that, I will take back December 3rd and the present.

December 3rd is a reference to Corporate Lifetime Fitness, the local Lifetime Fitness and the local police who don’t/can’t/won’t take measures to protect females at the gym.  I find this confounding.  I had confidence in them to take quick action to investigate, ask questions, be proactive.  Do something.

I have reached a point where I think I’m more annoyed by the people in authority than I am of the man who harassed me.

Today I decided I cannot control anyone’s actions.  But I can control mine.  I can harness all my incredulity, my repugnance towards incompetent people in authority and the man who harassed me—into something beneficial for me.  I used all the emotion to face my fear of ticks.

My fear of ticks was no match.  It crumbled in to dust.

When I arrived at the Grasslands there were wild turkeys waiting to greet me. I forgot everything occupying my mind and chased the turkeys with my iPhone.

The buzzards convened on trees.  I assume they were there to welcome me just like old times.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them.
There weren’t any mushrooms to photograph but there was a new discovery to entertain me.  The water receded like never before.  I traipsed victoriously through muddy areas normally several feet under water.
It wasn’t all about playing.  I made myself useful and helped (a little) with Litter Patrol.
Before leaving the Grasslands, I sealed the deal by listening to my favorite victory anthems on the radio.
When I went to the gym this evening I had an improved mindset.
I am not afraid.

 Additional highlights from the Grasslands:

2 thoughts on “My Victorious Return to the LBJ National Grasslands

  1. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” You did it! I’m so proud of you. I have been praying for you all along. So sad to hear about the gym experience.

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