Crocheted Bookmarks

To keep myself entertained and practice my photography skills, I used to publish a series of blog posts, called Random Object Wednesday (ROW).  My friends would lend me an item to be photographed in an unusual or creative way.

I hadn’t thought about the series until this weekend while photographing bookmarks.


I asked my friend Tore to take me to historic downtown McKinney.  He didn’t know why but figured I had a plan.  (I didn’t).  I just knew I wanted to photograph bookmarks in a special way.  I spotted a  bistro table and chairs by a nice textured brick building.

Take a look.

I was quite happy with the bistro table shots but then we noticed this mosaic tile bench nearby.  I had to take another photo.

I forgot how much I enjoyed Random Object Wednesdays.  There’s a personal connection when photographing something that someone has chosen to have you photograph or in this case, something given as a gift.

These bookmarks were made by Pamela Jenkins.  You might remember she participated in the series, “What motivates you?”  If you missed it, be sure to take a moment to read it.  She explains the story about these special bookmarks.

Also, an interesting discovery I made when writing this post, the last Random Object Wednesday was for her daughter, Alana Jenkins.  You can visit the 3-legged milking stool blog post here.


Thank you, Pamela Jenkins, for making the bookmarks.  Alana’s memory lives on.


I returned the Random Object Wednesday category to the top menu bar on the homepage.  You can visit previous posts and meet the participants there.

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